Building a world free from the impact of trauma

With over five decades of experience in domestic abuse support services, we’re innovating approaches to trauma recovery through therapy, training and research.

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Our Mission

  • Provide therapy and training to support families and individuals to break the cycle of abuse


  • Being a leading voice in trauma recovery through cutting edge research and innovation
  • Drive an ecosystem wide approach across communities and supporting agencies

Welcome to SAFE Foundation. 

Learn more about our work and join us to transform trauma recovery.

Therapy & Training


We’re one of the leading domestic abuse recovery organisations in Devon and beyond. We specialise in group therapy underpinned by the Felt trauma approach. Click to learn more about our programmes and training.


Learning & Research


We believe learning is essential if we want to reimagine approaches to trauma recovery. We’re developing new research-informed lenses to trauma, powering the kind of extraordinary change that we need.


Systems Change


In reimagining trauma recovery, we work with partners, commissioners and policymakers to ask how a new paradigm of transformative trauma recovery might profoundly shift the way millions of people live their lives.


Looking for trauma resources? Explore the SAFE Hub.

Felt Trauma Leadership

Are you interested in developing your learning and trauma practice? Browse our reports and bring the Felt Trauma Therapy® model to your organisation.

Trauma Support Services

A collection of resources to support individuals experiencing trauma. Find guidance, support services, articles and more.

Our Partners

Join Our Movement

We’re building a community of Felt trauma-responsive professionals. Join us to learn how you can integrate the Felt Trauma Model in your organisation through accredited training and access to clinical supervision with our team. A new approach to trauma recovery starts here.

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Our News

Explore our latest stories, team blogs or reports.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in joining our community of trauma professionals, find out more about our training or membership.

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