Current training programmes only reach an estimated 1.1% of the professionals in a position to help people with trauma. Based on conversations with a wide group of partners and members, we continue to develop more courses.


Learn more about our accredited Introduction to Felt Trauma Therapy® Training below. 

What is Felt Trauma Therapy®?

Felt trauma is the trauma of feelings; a dis-ease of emotional immaturity caused by childhood trauma, which may make it difficult to experience healthy relationships and healthy self-esteem.

Felt Trauma Therapy® identifies the root causes of behaviours relating to felt trauma and helps adults and children to model a positive identity and positive relational dynamics.

Felt Trauma Therapy® Training was developed specifically to enable delegates to deepen their practice of felt trauma and share the work with their own teams and organisations.

Once you complete our Introduction to Felt Trauma Therapy®, you’ll know how to identify the causes of felt trauma, understand its impact and develop a multi-tiered support response for individuals.

“I have attended trauma training before however this was the most informative and effectively explained.”

Felt Trauma Therapy® Training

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Delivery: in-person

Length: 1 day

Delegates: 10 (maximum)

CPD Accreditation: 6 learning hours

Introduction to Felt Trauma Therapy®

Felt Trauma Therapy® identifies the root causes of behaviours relating to felt trauma and helps adults and children to model a positive identity and positive relational dynamics.

Our Felt Trauma Therapeutic Model is a pioneering tiered, mixed-therapy programme, combining pioneering group psychotherapy with one-to-one support, delivered by adult recovery workers, child recovery workers, & trained therapists – supporting families and individuals to break the cycle of abuse.

During this one-day workshop, delegates will:

  • learn to identify the causes of felt trauma and deepen their understanding of its impact;
  • explore how to integrate the Felt Trauma Therapeutic model as an effective multi-tiered trauma support response within their organisation;

Please note that as a Felt Trauma Therapy® trained individual, you are not certified to facilitate our curriculum or to offer the FTT Training publicly. 

Upcoming Training

We are developing new modules regularly, all of which are CPD accredited.  Click on the link to register your interest or ask our team a question about the topic.  

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(addiction, cross-addiction & trauma)

Commonly Asked Questions

Are courses accredited?

Yes. Our Introduction To Felt Trauma Therapy® is accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Delegates receive 6 learning hours.

Who should attend training?

Our training is aimed at individuals and public, private and third sector organisations that support people.

Who we’ve trained

It has really opened my eyes to the cause of behaviour. Every practitioner working with families needs to do this training.

It was extremely informative and has helped me  make sense of some of the behaviours our students have demonstrated over the last year. I have already been applying some of the approaches and seen some really positive results already.

It was a breath of fresh air and has given me some tools and strategies that I can take into my own life personally and professionally to support the families in our area.

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