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The impact of childhood trauma is felt by over 8.4m adults living in the UKWe’re working with partners to innovate approaches to trauma recovery. 

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SAFE Foundation report

“For people to change, the system needs to change. If nothing changes, no one changes and how much longer are we prepared to accept that?”

– Emma Morris MBE

It's time for a different conversation

Everyone’s talking about trauma. But nothing’s changing. Violence against women and girls is increasing. Mental health referrals are at a record high. Yet more and more people are unable to access the right support, reaching crisis…wrongly diagnosed and yo-yoing between service providers with little hope of landing on the service that will make a difference. For people to change, the system needs to change. If nothing changes, no one changes and how much longer are we prepared to accept that? 

It’s time for a different conversation. We know that childhood trauma is often at the root of many social and health challenges. We need to rethink our understanding of what causes the harm in childhood.   

Let’s talk about the trauma of feelings. We know that behaviours are driven by feelings. Angry feelings can lead to angry actions and calming feelings can lead to a calming of actions.  Our approach rests with understanding a person’s felt trauma, the trauma of feelings. Felt trauma is a dis-ease of emotional immaturity caused by experiences in childhood. If left untreated, it shows up in extreme emotional reactions to everyday issues, making it difficult for people to navigate relationships successfully. We treat the root causes of behaviours relating to felt trauma helping individuals to feel seen, heard and validated – leading to improved relationships, increased self-esteem and conscious parenting. 

Through our training, research and systems-change work, we’re calling for a paradigm shift in our approach to trauma recovery by understanding Felt trauma. We invite you to learn more about our work below and explore how you can join us. 

SAFE Foundation Therapy

Pioneering therapy and training to break the cycle of abuse.

Our Therapeutic Programmes

We’re one of Devon’s leading domestic abuse recovery organisations. Our work centres on group therapy underpinned by the Felt trauma approach. We believe being part of a group, or family of choice, brings many advantages from bonding and intimacy to hope and healing.

Our groups support domestic abuse, mental health and family therapy.

Felt Trauma Therapy® Training

Are you equipping your team and organisation with effective trauma therapy services?

Previous participants shared that our Introduction to Felt Trauma Therapy® “deepened and broadened their understanding of trauma”, provoking a shift in how they respond to families and how they ‘present’ at work.

Explore our Felt Trauma Training® workshops.

We’re a leading voice in trauma recovery through cutting edge research and innovation

We believe learning is essential to powering the kind of extraordinary change that we need. As part of our work, we will:


  • publish research papers about our approach and programming
  • collaborate with partners to develop innovative toolkits, frameworks and research publications 

We’re driving an ecosystem wide approach across communities and supporting agencies

We believe that in order to see a paradigm shift in approaches to trauma recovery, we need to change how we deliver services and identify people at risk. As part of our work, we will:


  • work with community networks & professional platforms to explore best practice and to better understand gaps in services
  • share our learning, research and policy recommendations with partners, commissioners and the government

Our Partners

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We’re building a community of Felt trauma-responsive professionals. Join us to learn how you can integrate the Felt Trauma Model in your organisation through accredited training and access to clinical supervision with our team. A new approach to trauma recovery starts here.

SAFE Foundation report

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