SAFE partners with Devon Family Resource to deliver mentoring programme

SAFE Foundation is partnering with Devon Family Resource on True North, a new mentoring programme. Find out more about the programme in this post (originally shared online by Exeter Community Initiatives). 


What is True North?

Devon Family Resource have been successful in securing funding for a two-year pilot mentoring and diversionary activity project for young males aged 10-14, living in households with a history of domestic violence, in and around the city of Exeter. Designed to improve outcomes for young people and families and work preventatively to reduce crime, the project will be delivered in partnership with Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE Foundation).  

True North aims to offer these young people glimpses of a different, more positive path, through regular one to one meetings with an upbeat and motivated mentor, the chance to experience and achieve through a range of physical and creative activities and to be part of a wider cohort of mentees and peers.

What does mentoring involve?

We probably all mentor people without necessarily being aware of it – as colleagues, friends, parents or partners.  To mentor is to support and encourage people to manage their own circumstances so that they can maximise their potential, develop their life skills and become the best version of themselves.  It’s not about being perfect, or solving someone else’s problems; it’s about listening, sharing the benefit of your own life experience, guiding and being present in a mentee’s life for an agreed amount of time until they are ready to fly solo.


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